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You can find our products at:

  • Colruyt
  • Spar
  • Okay
  • Lokkal

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Vega(n) salads

Why spend a lot of time making something healthy yourself when you can also buy it. Just as healthy, just as tasty. So go ahead and try our BonMush delicious ready-to-eat salads, they go great with fresh bread, whole-grain crackers, or chips.

You can find our products at:

  • Colruyt
  • Spar
  • Okay
  • Lokkal

Veggie Curry Salad

find me at: Spar

Vegan Préparé

find me at: Colruyt, Okay

Veggie Sea Salad

find me at: Colruyt, Okay, Spar

Veggie Tune-in Salad

find me at: Colruyt, Spar

Veggie Butcher Salad

find me at: Colruyt, Spar

Vegan Salm on Salad

coming soon

Next one coming 2022

Vega(n) sauces

Sauces really add a lot of extra flavours to dishes and are your best choice if you need a little extra for your dish. Our vegan sauces work perfectly with your taco, sausages or with your BonMush vegan sea burger.


Vegan Aïoli

Vegan Cocktail

Vegan tartare

Veggie sausages

We at BonMush believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a good sausage without sacrificing on taste and texture. Our sausages can be cooked in a frying pan or on a grill – either works great!

Veggie Boudin Blanc

find me at: Colruyt, Lokkal

Veggie Boerenworst

find me at: Colruyt, Lokkal

More sausages soon

Veggie cold cuts

New veggie cold cuts make for a perfect, guilt-free sandwich.

with paprika

with truffle

Vegan sea burger

What’s this? No fish!
Our fish-free burger has an excellent bite, not just for the kids to enjoy!

Vegan sea sticks

Deluxe burger

when a 3 star chef asks us to make a burger, we know what to do…

Selling points

Coming soon